The XML files have been normalised to the following extent.

  • Linebreaks were only kept when they have a function, e.g. when quoting verse.
  • Highlighting (italics, small caps, etc.) is retained when it has a function in the original document, e.g. examples in running text are in italics.
  • Lists and tables are reproduced in their structure, not as an accurate copy of the original layout.
  • Pagebreaks are retained for the sake of orientation and because sometimes grammarians refer to other grammars by page numbers.
  • Different styles of punctuation marks were reduced to their most basic form (e.g. ‘_’ → '_') .
  • We aim at keeping the word count as close to the original document's word count as possible. There are, however, some necessary deviations. We do, for instance, not repeat headings in lists and tables after pagebreaks.
  • Blank pages at the beginning or end of the grammar were left out of the page count. However, empty pages within the grammar were counted in order to maintain a coherent numbering of pages.
  • The 'number of pages' corresponds to the number of all digitalized pages, not to the pagination of the grammar.