Reference: List of Tags and Attributes

based on “Schema Version 21.10.2015

Tag Attributes Description
grammar_book root element of the file
grammar_header contains metadata
gr_id part of “grammar_header”; unique identification of the grammar
gr_author_id part of “grammar_header”; unique identification of the author
gr_last_edit by part of “grammar_header”; time of last editing
gr_author part of “grammar_header”
gr_author_gender part of “grammar_header”
gr_education part of “grammar_header”; level of difficulty of the grammar
gr_occupation part of “grammar_header”; the author's occupation
gr_title part of “grammar_header”
gr_short_title part of “grammar_header”
gr_title_add part of “grammar_header”; additions to the title
gr_publisher part of “grammar_header”
gr_place_of_publication part of “grammar_header”
gr_year_publication part of “grammar_header”
gr_year_edition part of “grammar_header”; the publication year of the edition used
gr_no_edition part of “grammar_header”; the number of the edition used
gr_no_of_pages part of “grammar_header”
gr_no_of_words part of “grammar_header”
gr_language part of “grammar_header”
gr_variety part of “grammar_header”
gr_type part of “grammar_header”; subtype of grammars, e.g. teaching grammar
gr_form part of “grammar_header”; form of grammars, e.g. textbook
gr_target_institution part of “grammar_header”; the institution the grammar was initially written for, e.g. school
gr_target_audience_author part of “grammar_header”; the audience the author intended to address
gr_no_of_editions part of “grammar_header”; the number of published editions of the grammar
gr_ed_note part of “grammar_header”; an additional note by the editors
gr_tags part of “grammar_header”; a number of tags, i.e. keywords, that further categorise/describe the grammar
grammar_text the root element of the body - as opposed to the grammar header
div0 name, description highest structural level of the grammar text
div1 name, description second-highest structural level of the grammar text
div2 name, description third-highest structural level of the grammar text
lg met, rhyme linegroup; used to describe prosodic elements
l met, real line; used to describe prosodic elements
paragraph type lowest structural level as given in the text
ed_note type editor's note; can contain additions, omissions or general comments
substitution original_text correction of misspellings and missing characters
quotation author, title, source_added
reference type, judgemental, author, source
evaluation tendency, type, addressee_explicit, addressee_implicit
heading level a headline at a defined level
heading_undefined a headline without a defined level
gap used for exercises
folio folio_no
list rend a list or enumeration of items
head part of “list”
item part of “list”
label part of “list”
graphic image_id, image_title, page, url, desc, filetype A graphical element that could not be encoded in xml
toc table of content
entry level part of “toc”
section_name part of “toc”
page_no part of “toc”
table cols, rows A table
head part of “table”
sub_head part of “table”
row role part of “table”
cell role part of “table”
tree arity, ord, order a tree diagram
root children part of “tree”
label part of “tree”
leaf ref_node, parent
bold text written in bold
italic text written in italics
underline underlined text
br a simple linebreak
footnote indicator a footnote
small_caps text written in small caps
foreign language text written in a foreign, i.e. non-English, language